Everyone's A Player

Providing Sports Opportunities
for Youth in the Merrimack Valley and Lowell

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In order to team up with EAP, here is what you need to know:

1) EAP is a 100% run volunteer organization. EAP raises money through community grassroots fundraising efforts and has limited funds available based on the amount raised, which varies from year to year. We receive a large number of applicants and referrals from sports organizations each year. We do our best to spread out funding across various sports and work with local sports organizations to understand the greatest needs. 

2) EAP's funds are designated to serve students ages 5-18 years old who live in the Merrimack Valley Massachusetts and Lowell. To qualify for funding, a family must either qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch under the guidelines of the National Lunch Program or either have a special case of hardship.     

3) EAP considers each applicant’s needs on a case-by-case basis, based on funding available. A referral from a sports organization, coach, athletic director, teacher, guidance counselor, or mentor is required. 

4) We will need to receive applications 4-6 weeks before funding for sports program is needed, in order to process application. EAP will evaluate each application, on a case-by-case situation, and makes decisions on funding based on a number of criteria as well as the amount of funding EAP has available at the time of requests or amount EAP has earmarked for a particular organization or sport. As mentioned above, EAP is a volunteer run organization, so please be patient on response time after submitting application. 

5) EAP provides gently used uniforms or equipment when available. If not available, gift cards may be provided for the purchase of necessary items.  If a person receives a gift card, they are required to return the receipt of purchase to Everyone's A Player, 1 week after purchase.  If the receipt is not returned, funding for future seasons will not be considered. 

6) Maximum funding for athletes is $150 for a calendar year. 

7) For high school athletes applying for scholarships for college showcase or regional or national sports events, EAP Directors will review applications on case-by-case basis, if additional funding is needed.   

8) If athlete is awarded registration fees, scholarship to camp, clinic, club sports, specialized training, EAP will pay the organization directly.  

9) Applicants/families must read through, sign and agree to the EAP Limited Liability and Release Agreement before receiving funding.  Info can be found under "To Apply" Tab. If funding is provided by EAP to an individual or program, the individual or program must abide to/by the Limited Liability and Release Agreement. 

10) If funding is granted, EAP has the right to use photos of the individual or the program EAP has funded on our website, social media, promotional materials and at events. If the participant or program does not want their photo/information publicize, they must send a request in writing to EAP at info@everyonesaplayer.org . 

Of course, EAP cannot do this alone. Parents or guardians and the participating child must get involved and do their part. 

We ask that each parent or guardian:

1) Provide support by completing registration information, obtaining the correct athletic equipment and uniforms and arranging transportation to and from practices and games.

 2) Return receipts to EAP for provided funds to purchase necessary uniforms and equipment.

3) Help support all of the children and families participating on your child’s team however possible; whether you offer to carpool, bring orange slices for the team to share or most importantly; be there to cheer the kids on. Your involvement is the key to your child’s success.

We ask that each EAP child:

1) Be on time to practices or games, dressed appropriately and ready to play.

2) Stick with it – Don’t quit! Communicate any problems or frustration with your parent, referral source, coach or and EAP representative.

3) Participate and play to your fullest ability.


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